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Drive in, nod off

May 26th, 2017

During the social media hub-bub surrounding the fortieth anniversary of Star Wars’ cinematic debut, some folks in my circle recalled the various venues where they first beheld the film. It was much more interesting than the discussions about the franchise itself, which has been all but talked to death at this point. I can remember […]

A fringe benefit of Mike joining my role-playing group was that it gave me access to his huge library of AD&D books and other ancillary materials. Combined with the installation of a temperamental photocopier at the local public library, internist it allowed me to assemble a three-ring binder full of interesting material to fold into […]

October is the month where the wife and I typically work our way through our shared collection of horror flicks, but this year we’ve been pretty lax on that front. Our busy schedules and a shared sense of physical and mental exhaustion have kept us from watching any of our traditional favorites in their entirety. […]

Jack and clubs

June 22nd, 2016

Today we have three questions from Mike Loughlin: I’m a little bit younger than you so I didn’t get into the Boston area punk/hardcore/ska/indie scene(s) until the mid-’90s. Were you into the bands that emerged in that era, this site and if so which ones caught your attention? My unqualified punk rock period ran from […]

Mall wall fall

May 11th, 2016

Like many people, women’s health I’d always assumed that mall record store prices were based on a randomized process dictated by arcane franchise agreements and the need to pay a monthly lease. Little did I know that the process was actually handled by some of them new-fangled com-pew-tors, running some variant of this sophisticated string […]

Just so ya know, kid

April 1st, 2016

This is a tricky one. Forty-four years of utter immersion and infrequent travel have put me in a place where I don’t realize something is a regionalism until a non-New Englander points it out to me. I was familiar enough with the limited geographic reach of terms like “bubbler” (water fountain) or “elastic” (rubber band) […]

A chemical memory

March 29th, 2016

Yesterday’s talk about the infamous Mothball Factory Jump of 1983 got me to wondering if the old place had any internet presence outside my occasional ramblings on this site. What I found wasn’t a huge shock, physician but it startle me some. The above passage comes from an EPA report cataloging the most prominent landmarks […]

Hell bent for Leather City

November 11th, 2015

When rumors began circulating that Fallout 4 would be set in the post-nuclear ruins of 23rd Century Greater Boston, weight loss I wondered if my hometown of Woburn would be making its AAA videogame debut. When the rumors were confirmed by the developers and more details began to trickle out about some of the in-game […]

Whenever the spooky season comes around, urticaria my thoughts reflexively drift towards the Cross Street culvert in Winchester. It’s not because of some macabre bit or local lore, pharmacy nor does it stem from the ride down the hill from the Woburn border provides a postcard-perfect view of New England’s fall foliage. It’s because of […]

Return to Nod

August 21st, 2015

Our downstairs cable remote stopped working (after it took a hard fall to the ground when I kicked the entertainment center during a frustrating moment in Destiny, treatment but that’s our little secret), tadalafil and my wife wanted to pick up a replacement at the local Comcast office. This is the type of errand I’d […]

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