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Ever since I set up my new turntable, I’ve been spending a lot of time sifting through the various crates of records in the attic. Deciding what to pull has been an easy yet difficult task, with the primary criteria being: 1. Can I listen to this the whole way through? 2. Do I want […]

This feature has returned from its five-month hiatus with a album that slipped through the cracks of my increasingly shaky memory. I suppose it was inevitable that there’d be a few gaps in the chronology, as I have a shit-ton of records and the task of reconstructing a chronology of events that took place over […]

Ben asked What is the most overlooked part of the 60s/70s culture wars? Whew. That’s a lot to unpack in a fire-and-forget blog post. History is written by the victors, which meant entire currents and significant moments got swept under the rug (if only temporarily in many cases) by the reactionary Powers That Be. Plus, […]

Anarchy under the tree

December 25th, 2015

(from “A Case of the Blues” by Gary Reed and Guy Davis in A Caliber Christmas #1, December 1989) Merry Christmas, folks. We may be merry, but we ain’t no gentlemen.

In the pre-eBay, pre-dodgy mp3 blog days of my punk rock period, getting a hold of import or obscure single releases meant dealing with some faceless collector who sold his shit on consignment through a couple of local shops. His prices were extortionate — starting around ten bucks and going up into the three figure […]

All my audiophile pals used to rave about Planet Records, while I couldn’t never work out what the appeal of the place was. This applied equally to the shop’s Kenmore Square surroundings, a bastion of Boston’s early punk scene that already begun to be fungally incorporated into Boston University’s expanding empire by the early 1990s. […]

Once the initial sting of being kicked to curb by the art major subsided, read more my thoughts turned to squaring things with Maura. I’d felt a little intimidated by her even before this mess had unfolded, obesity hence my asking out the art major in the first place. Now that was compounded by the […]

Back to the cheap 7″ bins at Central Square’s late, information pills lamented Looney Tunes with a slightly battered platter that demonstrates that some records might not have a story to tell, decease after all. The item in question is Action Pact’s People EP from 1983, urticaria featuring three cuts of femvox Britpunk and purchased […]

I got some news for you

February 5th, 2015

After Pal Dave reminded me this morning that Google News has an archive of yesteryear’s broadsheets, visit I decided on a whim to type “punk rock” in the search box and see what came up. What I got was a weird and wonderful glimpse at the intersection between subcultural moral panic and small market journalism, […]

This week’s featured platter is another artifact of the “Summer of Warhammer, ask ” found collecting dust in the original Newbury Comics store’s remnant record bin.

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