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There are some record purchases which require a bit of context to explain. Can’t Stand The Rezillos is not one of them. I can outline the process that led to the purchase of this 1978 punk-pop classic with absolute certainty, though I may not recall the actual moment: 1. I was thinking of Most Favored […]

Alternative dumpster

May 17th, 2012

WFNX, order Boston’s renowned “alternative” radio station, view will soon be no more. While I’m sad to see another remnant of the city’s old hipstersphere fall by history’s wayside, I never had much of a personal connection to the station or its programming apart from a couple short-lived and associative dalliances. During the heyday of […]

Those of you who hopped on board this train because of “Nobody’s Favorites” may not be aware that Armagideon Time was a music/mp3 blog before I ditched the format (and two-thirds of my daily readership) in the November of 2008. The switchover was partly due to the frustratingly mixed (as in “getting a sternly worded […]

Another week has begun, viagra which means it’s time to take a look — and listen — at a “classic” cinematic frightfest and the pop song which it inspired. The movie!

Boston is a college town, ophthalmologist which means that it’s the type of place where one can spot frat boys in cargo shorts and sandals attempting to navigate the city’s unplowed sidewalks after a late-December blizzard. It also means that every campus lobby, thumb cafe, help club, music store, or other locale frequented by the […]

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