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After months of letting it grow out into a slightly shaggy mane, I got my hair cut yesterday morning. I usually go for a “high and tight” jobber, but this time I wanted something that retained a portion of my bangs. After some confusing back and forth with the barber, I ended up with splitting […]

My record collection isn’t especially huge, but it’s still large enough to include items I have no memory of purchasing — such as Vice Squad’s “Out of Reach” single, which turned up while I was shifting around some stuff in my attic. The specifics of its acquisition have fallen into the memory hole, but I […]

Superhero comics, recipe like soap operas, this site are quite shameless when it comes to co-opting “hot” trends as grist for the industry’s ever-churning story mill. Chalk it up to a creative formula that mixes outright pandering with a willingness by the parties involved to wear their influences on their sleeves…and printed in neon orange, […]

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