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Back to Wax #37: Spaced out

September 24th, 2018

Sometime back around the turn of the Millennium, I was scouring the dank and dodgy recesses of fileshare networks for an art-synth obscurity from an early Eighties Boston duo. It eventually turned up as part of a “minimal synth” compilation branded after the long defunct Flexipop fanzine. Further digging revealed there were roughly three dozen […]

After putting in a couple of years at UMass Boston, Lil Bro transferred to the Amherst campus because they had a far more robust earth sciences program than their coastal cousin offered. It was the first time we’d been separated since his birth (if you don’t count the month he spent living with my aunt […]

This week’s featured record is the third platter sent my way by my good pal (and occasional collaborator) Daniel Butler. After I complained about the asking prices of used vinyl, Daniel asked me to shoot him a wantlist to check against the inventory of the place where he worked. Most of my requests were the […]

“Even a hipster who is pure in heart and sips craft brews at night may become a wild-eyed southern boy when the dirtbag moon is bright.” And thus, on October 31, 1986, did the Mercury Theater’s broadcast of The War of the Worlds get bumped down to the second most horrifying thing ever to hit […]

I first come across 1982′s Hit Express while sifting through the Discog’s exhaustive (and exhausting) listings for K-Tel offerings. While it contained a few crucial cuts from that magically apocalyptic era, it lacked that certain something which would inspire an immediate purchase. I made a note of it — complete with a question mark — […]

My decision last fall to pick up a turntable had nothing to do with audio fidelity or “warmer” sounds or affected hipness. I got back into records because Maura scored a near complete set of Time-Life’s Swing Era compilations at an estate sale and because I thought it would be a nice way to get […]

Wrock and wroll bunny foo

July 6th, 2016

The Date: 1979. The Place: A Tim Hortons in a Scarborough, Ontario strip mall. Five scruffy, slightly hungover members of a mildly respectable covers band have squeezed themselves into a corner booth. “Don’t get me wrong, guys. We’re doing pretty well as we are, but do we really want to be performing ‘Dust in the […]

Left off the dial

March 4th, 2016

Whew, pfizer I’m glad someone was willing to give FM airtime to these otherwise underplayed acts! An interesting dividend from my trip down industry publication memory lane has been witnessing the mid-1980s genesis (HA!) of the “classic rock” programming format, generic which generated a non-insignificant amount of acrimony between the record labels and the broadcast […]

Young Americans listen when

December 11th, 2015

There was a time during my most strident punk rock phase when anything associated with “classic rock” was considered anathema. It was The Enemy, information pills associated with pick-up driving jocks and the condescending beardos of my college’s wargaming club. That all changed somewhere around the turn of the millennium, when a minor quarter-life crisis […]

We’re an American brand

November 20th, 2015

Rock ‘n roll is on display, seek With a ton of shit to buy. It was meant to end that way, cheap though some folks will deny. I don’t care what people tell, information pills rock ‘n roll is here to sell. Rock ‘n roll will always be our ticket to the gold. It will […]

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