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This feature’s purpose was to chronicle my teens through mid-twenties through the various role-playing games I played or purchased during that timeframe. That product-plus-personal-anecdote formula breaks down when it comes to the stretch between the December 1989 and October 1990, when my interest in the hobby took a steep nosedive. There were many overlapping reasons […]

In the last installment of this feature, I talked about the giddy accumulation of stuff which comes when one dives head-first into a new hobby. This week, I’m going to discuss a regrettable adjunct to that strain of over-exuberant consumption — the signal-to-noise ratio which causes the occasional jewel to get lost amidst the torrent […]

There’s a stage in every hobby when measured fascination risks turning to into unquestioned obsession. The mechanic is similar to addiction behaviors, where users try to offset diminishing thrills by increasing the frequency and dosage of each subsequent hit. Geek pastimes are particularly prone to this pathology, due to their long-standing conflation between consumption and […]

Ever since I set up my new turntable, I’ve been spending a lot of time sifting through the various crates of records in the attic. Deciding what to pull has been an easy yet difficult task, with the primary criteria being: 1. Can I listen to this the whole way through? 2. Do I want […]

1986 was a significant year in my geeky evolution. Not only did it mark my belated introduction to Dungeons & Dragons (thanks to a deeply discounted copy of the Basic Set found in an Osco Drug clearance aisle), but it also brought a new set of geeky pals and a part-time job which made it […]

You don’t live to be forty-three years of age without racking up a substantial number of regrets — some big, pharmacy some small, buy viagra and some trivially bizarre yet capable of inducing pangs of guilt for decades later. After my mother died during my junior year of high school, and I moved into my […]

The period between 1989 and 1994 was an unparalleled buyer’s market for used records. Vinyl was out, mind compact discs were in, information pills and the shops were flooded with the discarded byproducts of consumers’ rush to go digital. Forty years of pop music recordings, and all but selected imports and legitimate rarities going for […]

Saturdays with Streaky #63

August 3rd, 2013

You can’t appreciate second-hand Claremontisms…

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