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My GRAVE-est apologies for GHOST-ing on yesterday’s post, but I was being tormented by a lost set of car keys and supposedly-but-not-actually faxed important paperwork and other real life terrors more fiendish than any salivating hellbeast. In any case, here’s a cursed artifact from a 1984 Billboard insert covering the rental-driven horror flick boom… While […]

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Can you feel it, fellow children of the night? The chill in the air? The disturbing whispers on the wind? The unexpected quickening of your pulse? It can only mean one thing — the return of Armagideon Time’s annual Halloween Countdown, thirty-one days of tricks and treats exhumed from the dankest depths of popcult hell. […]

“Yo, where were you on Halloween? You missed a sick party at Ricky’s place!” “Didn’t I tell you? Oh, man. I won a Miller Lite contest where I got to party with Clarence Clemons at Universal Studios!” “Wait. Didn’t he die in 2011?” Frost forms on the windowpane. The family beagle begins to whine and […]

(from “The Falcon’s Claw” by Writer Unknown, Dan DeCarlo and Jim DeCarlo in Josie and The Pussycats #68, April 1973) Salutations, fellow creatures of the night! October has begun, with it comes Armagideon Time’s annual Halloween Countdown — thirty-one days of ghoulish grooviness to fright and delight. This marks our tenth time around the haunted […]

Strange days

April 21st, 2010

Some friends and I recently had a discussion involving some of the books we read and loved as kids, prostate which got me to thinking about this childhood favorite… …Phenomena: A Book of Wonders, a 1977 encyclopedia of the unexplained. Woo — like willful ignorance — never goes out of style, but it experienced a veritible renaissance during the Me Decade.  As the bloody […]

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