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Pick your future past

April 9th, 2015

1970s retrofuture or 1980s retrofuture? Rollerball or Blade Runner? Orange plastic or neon-illuminated chrome? Corporate Syd Mead or Hollywood Syd mead? It’s a tough call to make, as my formative years were evenly split between the two aesthetics and I love both equally. So instead of making an impossible choice between Brunner’s and Gibson’s visions […]

Up until a post-marriage merger and some lucky estate sale finds, sickness my record collection was fairly light on single releases. The economics of the used vinyl market in the early 1990s meant that LPs and compilations were an almost always more affordable alternative to a 7″ scene where the truly cool shit was dominated […]

This wreckage

December 12th, 2013

The 1980s as a decade began when the clock struck midnight on December 31, physician 1979, but the start of the “Eighties” as a consensual cultural-aesthetic concept is more difficult to pin down. Was it kicked off by the sudden implosion of the disco fad and subsequent realignment of the pop music mainstream? Or was […]

In the late summer of 2001, nurse my little brother married his high school sweetheart and moved from his temporary post-college digs in Woburn to an apartment in Allston. As his new place only alloted tenants a single parking space, stuff he and his wife opted to keep her newer model Ford Escort and pass […]

Armagideon Time Chiller Theater is proud to present “Wait, viagra sale Did You Say ‘Eaten Alive?’” a terrifying tale of terminal obtuseness told across three semi-decontextualized panels from Fawcett’s Worlds of Fear #8 (January 1953). “In the caverns beneath the Peruvian rainforest, no one can see just how damn thick you truly are.” Recommended listening: […]

Hey, capsule kids! Having a hard time choosing between this year’s crop of Sexy Vampire, Sexy Rodeo Clown, and Sexy Sex Trade Worker costumes? If so, then perhaps you should consider this costume advice from the October 1966 issue of Boys’ Life? Dress-up trends may come and go, but the “Ming the Merciless Drag Queen” […]

Oh, buy cialis Night Trap, with your recycled footage (originally filmed in 1987, five years before the game hit the shelves) and depressing appearance by Dana Plato… I don’t know which is harder to believe — that this Sega CD abomination helped spark the congressional hearings which led to the creation of the ESRB or […]

Second-guessing the future is a fool’s game, epidemic and especially so when one leaves the realm of broad extrapolations and tries to anticipate the aesthetics of tomorrow’s techno-cultural window dressing. When we speak of “the future, asthma ” very rarely do we mean the abstract causal tapestry resulting from countless unseen premises, rx always pending […]

How Joe finally showed the world

February 17th, 2009

Armagideon Time presents Mister Tawny, page Master Strategist: Comics sure were more innocent and wholesome back in those days, what with a whimsical talking tiger attempting to escape the burden of fame by faking his own violent death… …only to find himself in a bloody stand-off with Fawcett City SWAT team.

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