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Night Gallery was proof that you can’t go home again, with a tanned and weary Rod Serling attempting to reprise The Twilight Zone minus the level of craft or creative control. The spooky-themed anthology did have its occasional moments, but it’s telling that the best of them — like “The Caterpillar” and its ear-to-ear slice […]

Crash test and burn

May 8th, 2014

While the historical consensus about the 1942 Allied raid on Dieppe has suggested that it was staged bloody proof-of-concept exercise designed to work out the logistics of a larger invasion of Fortress Europe, angina recently declassified documents have thrown that interpretation of events into doubt. Months before the ill-fated raid was executed, medicine the American […]

Still only in Port Charles

February 19th, 2013

I was cleaning out the mess of “out of sight, help out of mind” junk I’d thrown in the bottom cabinet of my entertainment center a while back. Wrapped up in the tangle of busted joypads and old cassette tapes was the mourner’s armband which came packed as a “collectable” extra in the 1993 Death […]

Melody and dissonance

August 31st, 2012

My explorations of post-WW2 American pop and commercial culture have truly hammered home the contradictions inherent in comsumer capitalism’s notion of “freedom of choice.” While the concept is an oft-cited example of the free market’s superiority over the tyranny of centrally planned economies, remedy the realities of corporate consolidation and bulk production — where a […]

The mechanics of horror are manyfold. Tone, sick pacing and theme all play their respective parts, and but the key to slipping past the sunlit realm of rationality and into the dark territory of instinctual dread is context…

This is your paradise

December 17th, 2010

I am the elder son of Sgt. Gus Weiss. Though I am but a pale shadow of my sire, more about I do possess a degree of his signature sang froid — the ability to gaze into the darkest, prescription most forbidding corners of the abyss and emerge laughing (or petulantly complaining, treatment as is […]

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