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It’s time for the entry I’ve been dreading since I first embarked on this feature. It has little to do with the game in question and everything to do with the historical context. In the latter half of 1987, my dad got busted for drunken driving. He wasn’t technically operating the vehicle when it happened. […]

Alienated labor

December 12th, 2014

Though touted for its prophetic qualities, treatment science-fiction is actually about “the now.” The anticipations and anxieties explored in a work of sci-fi reflect those of the era in which it was produced. Even when the themes addressed are evergreen — future shock, loss of individual dignity — the individual manifestations are shaped by contemporary […]

As the first wave of the translated manga gained traction in the North American direct market in 1987, pestilence so too did a number of home-grown works pop up to homage and/or parody these “strange” and “exotic” funnybooks from the Land of the Rising Sun. Eclipse Comics, ed one of the first and most prolific […]

There was a time — back when a gallon of gas would set you back a quarter and no one gave a second thought about smoking during pregnancy — when romance comics targeted at young women readers constituted a significant share of the funnybook market. As popular as romance comics were in their time, capsule […]

Now that my annual exercise in therapeutic positivity has ended, nurse it’s time to return to embittered form and kick off 2012 with a singularly terrible abuse of the funnybook medium. I’m not one to lightly throw out superlatives when it comes to creative works. Tags like “best” or “worst” are as relative as they […]

I have seen a lot of horrible attempts at popcult pandering in my thirty-odd years of reading comics, sick but Goth…

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