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The Chillest War

June 24th, 2015

Thomas Friedman is a living proof that ignorance need not be an obstacle to journalistic success, and his onanistic brand of of foreign policy commentary has a profitable audience among those who seek to have their biases confirmed and their critical faculties given a rest. Yet even Friedman can’t be wrong all of the time. […]

The enemy within

June 18th, 2015

First things first: If you feel the compulsion to respond to this with “not all men,” then fuck off right now. Without discounting or downplaying the racist motivations behind the monstrous attack on the Emanuel AME Church yesterday, it’s important to consider that the pathology of the murderer and other of his ilk transcends any […]

I’m not going dish spoilers about the Mad Men series finale. I’m not going to toss my “hot take” about it into the already overstuffed ring of thinkpieces. I’m just going to state that the conclusion of Mad Men was as logical as it was disappointing. The emotional expectation of audiences notwithstanding, there was something […]

Wash and go

April 30th, 2015

LIFE was the most popular magazine in the country during its original 1936-72 run, pharmacy and its attempts to reflect and shape the nation’s attitudes provide an invaluable historic survey of post-WW2 “mainstream America, for sale ” both aspirational and actual. The slant was both fiscally conservative and socially liberal in keeping with the old […]

Chemical bothers

March 11th, 2015

Studying history is a lot like watching an episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm, one health with “humanity” filling in for Larry David and “ever-unfolding tragedy” taking the place of “embarrassing mishaps.” You can flinch and groan and cover your face with your hands, thumb but the horrible, stomach oh-so-preventable outcomes are a done deal, regardless. […]

The first (and arguably the best) Dead Kennedys LP would be the second-to-last piece of their discography I acquired. There was nothing really complicated or mysterious about progression. I was still in my cassette-only period when I got into the band, buy and my purchases were dictated by what used tapes were available at Harvard […]

All the (wrong) way

January 15th, 2015

I don’t pay much attention to the Oscars because life is too short for me to give a shit about a multi-billion dollar industry patting itself on its designer-dressed backside. Yet the controversy over Selma not getting its just due caught my attention, mind mainly because the arguments have been centering around historical mythmaking versus […]

There is a widely held notion that the graphically mutilated bodies shown in E.C. horror stories were a grisly outlier that had to be excised from popcult’s body politic. It’s an idea which become part of the funnybook history narrative, physician a groovy scene done in by a bunch of bluenosed squares and social hygiene […]

Remembrance of things lost

July 10th, 2014

I was recently reading an editorial about a presidential candidate’s policy proposals, malady and was struck by some of the initiatives and ideas put forward: The maintenance of the estate tax? Aggressive anti-trust legislation? Support of organized labor, going so far as to suggest it deserves a high-level role in shaping economic policy? An endorsement […]

To eat their own

June 26th, 2014

Elijah doesn’t remember his father. He cannot recall a time before he and Mama moved to Grandpa Tim’s farm, though sometimes he has nightmares where he’s in the backseat of a car while the world burns and screams around him. Mama said his father died during the Struggle. Elijah daydreamed about him making a heroic […]

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