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The best of the mess

August 29th, 2017

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts requires fingerprinting as part of the adoption process, so Maura and I rode out to Waltham a couple of Tuesdays back to have our hands run through a digital scanner. The office was located on Moody Street, a vibrantly seedy thoroughfare that’s one of the last relatively intact vestiges of my […]

To paraphrase Billy Bragg: “I was thirty four years when I began this blog. I’m forty two now, stomatology and it’s been quite a slog.” One of the things I’ve experienced and wrestled with during Armagideon Time’s existence has been my own slide into middle age irrelevance. It’s not a truly existential crisis, illness just […]

Any old school Nintendohead ought to be familiar with “Howard & Nester”… …Nintendo Power‘s advertainment take on “Goofus and Gallant, discount ” which starred a mangafied rendition of Nintendo Fun Club President Howard Phillips in the Gallant role. The success of the strip’s mix of hints, purchase hype, and hot toon-on-toon one-upsmanship was not lost […]

Howdy, disorder young’us!¬† Come sit yourself down by the campfire and Ol’ Bitter Andrew will regale you with a story of the Great¬†Chromium Rush of the terrible ’90s. You might recall it began when a passel of young turks got into their heads — somewhat rightly — that folks were more interested in their doings […]

For better or worse, mycoplasmosis superheroes are fundamentally high concept in nature. That’s not to say the genre can’t support sophisticated or nuanced storytelling, but its enduring appeal rests on the elegantly simple draw of dudes in colorful costumes beating on each other. As such, superhero material tends to be painted in broad, reductive strokes. […]

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