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The close triumvirate of Leech, Maura, and me remained tight up until the final week of the Spring 1992 semester. There were plenty of signs that things were leading up to a regrettable outcome, but most were only clear in hindsight. As Maura and I grew closer, Leech’s role transitioned from useful buffer to third […]

The summer between my freshman and sophomore years at UMass Boston saw me in a better place than I’d known in, well, most of my nineteen years. I’d switched majors from physics to English, and pulled myself back from academic probation to make it onto the Dean’s List. There was money in my pocket, thanks […]

Following the “Brassfist Saga” (which you can read about Death Saves story, with some additional clarifications here), I found myself in charge of a ready made group of folks interested in running a Warhammer Fantasy Role Play campaign. I was a little apprehensive about taking up the gamemaster’s mantle again after the clusterfuck my Champions […]

Sometime in the autumn of 1989, I stumbled across a glowing magazine review for the Dungeon Lairs. The box set supplement was a Games Workshop effort which followed up on the publisher’s previous sets of mix-and-match tiles aimed at bring ease-of-use and some visual flair to table-top RPG loot crawls. As the title suggested, Dungeon […]

Despite the upheaval caused my my mother’s death, it didn’t take long for me to adjust to the new abnormal. My grandmother had the spare room done over into a proper bedroom, which I shared with Lil Bro and the one family cat we were allowed to keep. The situation felt unreal and unsettling but […]

By the beginning of 1988, my enthusiasm for Dungeon & Dragons had reached a low ebb. My group tried multiple times to change things up with unofficial house rules and other ancillary material, but none of was able to mitigate my frustration with the system’s limitations and overall clunkiness. We were still into fantasy genre […]

Down to brass tacks

August 7th, 2015

I was going to tackle a pretty involved Nobody’s Favorite post I’d been putting off for a while, but then this arrived… …my contributor copies of the Death Saves anthology! In honor of this happy event, I’ve decided to discuss the background of “Brassfist of the Gore” (scripted by me and gorgeously illustrated/colored/lettered by the […]

The patter of little hooves

July 30th, 2015

I’ve been informed that links to digital edition of Death Saves have gone out and the physical copies should soon be making their way to the anthology’s backers. I also got a sneak peek at the Total Kill Party Guide extra, and it’s a pretty sweet package of helpful information and general hilarity. As I […]

Hang fire

September 6th, 2012

If I had a warhammer

May 8th, 2012

Sometime in the spring of 1991, recuperation I signed on as player in a Dungeons & Dragons game run by one of the college Sci-Fi Club’s mildly high poobahs. Even though I’d all but given up D&D (and role playing games in general) by that stage of my developmental evolution, diagnosis it seemed like a […]

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