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The year is 1973 and the place is that little Italian place off the main drag. You know the one I’m talking about — where everyone is convinced the owner has mob ties, there’s a framed photo of Ol’ Blue Eyes hanging behind the bar, and in fifteen years it will mysteriously burn down and […]

It occurred to me this morning that I’ve made it through two-thirds of this year’s Halloween Countdown without indulging in a snarky recap of a goofy Bronze Age horror comic tale. That’s unforgivable, overweight considering such oh-so-2006 content has been a staple of this feature since its inception. Today we’re going to rectify that egregious […]

A new wave of cinematic horror is on the shag-carpeted horizon, capsule and the letters page of The Witching Hour #54 (April 1975) is there to provide all the pertinent details:

It’s a scene straight out of a Cassavetes flick:

A necromantic getaway

March 24th, 2009
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